Benefits of the Velocity Exercise Vantage Programmable Air Magnetic Rower:

It is a Whisper Quiet Rower:

The Velocity Vantage Rower has in fact the best of all worlds: it features a very high-end functionality, with whisper quiet usage, tremendously durable frame, with smooth gliding seat as well as a fold-away design. Its flywheel and its fan are also designed surrounding a magnetic resistance system –which what makes this rower too quiet. Its padded handlebar enhances an ergonomic design, in order to keep the user’s’ hands from getting tensed.

It is a Fold-away Design with Wheels

One of the best features of the Velocity Exercise Vantage Programmable Air Magnetic Rower is its relative ease when it comes to folding the machine up – simply pop out a pin and then just roll away—that simple. When you do not have ample space and merely wants a fast workout, then this machine would fold up and then roll away to wherever or whenever you wish to store it. Now you could bring the gym to your home.

Velocity Exercise Vantage Programmable Air Magnetic Rower Review

The Velocity Exercise Vantage Magnetic rowing machine is intended to be a gym quality rower for your use at home. The flywheel and its fan structure yields a strong yet smooth torque with its 16 levels of tension resistance. The sizable and very comfy seat sits on a solid but very lightweight aluminum rail and has outstanding support for your lower back. This would enable you to work out more at ease for longer periods of time.

The seat is 19.5-Inch off of the floor, thus, making it really easy to get on and off and it decreases the stress on your knees.

The big, quick-change footpad of the product could be attuned just within seconds in order to fit in any size of foot. Its console is big, and the height is adjustable and backlit, thereby making it really easy to read.

Its programs also involve Manual and the Race modes, with 12 presets, and 5 user profiles, with 5 heart rate controls, with Watt control as well as its Recovery mode. The foldable design of the and its four wheels enable the rower to be easily moved or also stored.

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