Now you could get into shape with better enjoyment and will not get bored with the Sole SR500 Rower that features a very smooth air as well as magnetic resistance motion in order to generate a truly ‘realistic on the water’ sensation. This high quality constructed machine also involves a very long aluminum rail which is very much conveniently accommodating to its several users of different heights.

The folding design and its wheels upfront also enables its rowers to move easily and store it quick. So in a sense, it is a very handy machine; you will be able to use it flexibly each time you use it. You have the benefit of a full body workout. As rowing machines, are fantastic cardio machines, these could work the human body harder than any number of the fitness machines available on the market right now.

You know what is great about this machine? Is that it is best effective when it comes to muscle endurance, fat loss, intense cardiovascular fitness and it requires its users to exert equal effort to both the upper body and the lower body.

No matter your what your age is, height or weight or level of fitness, this rowing machine workouts will get you to where you want it to be. It really gives its users a solid blast of cardio workouts, working the abs, working on the core, working on the legs and more particularly,  working on the lower back. Indeed, it truly is a full body workout.

Features and Benefits

The Sole SR500 Rower has the following basic product features that users can benefit from.

  • It has this ultra smooth air as well as its magnetic resistance
  • The Sole SR500 Rower includes top quality built design with folding capability
  • The users can make the most of its 5.5 inch vibrant LCD
  • Another great advantage of this is its 94 inch x 18 inch x 46 inch dimensions.
  • This machine, Sole SR500 Rower has its textured grips as well as its wireless chest strap that is already conveniently included
  • As for the warranty of this machine: The Sole SR500 Rower. The users could benefit and enjoy its:  Lifetime frame, 3 years for its parts, and 1 year for its labor
  • Warning: Choking Hazard:  The Sole SR500 Rower machine has already included some small parts that may not be safe for children that are below 3 years old.
  • As for international shipping, this machine, the Sole SR500 Rower is not eligible for international shipping

More Product Features of the Sole SR500 Rower

The Sole SR500 Rower has more of the following product features that users can benefit from.

  • It has a high sitting position which enables users to get on and off the machine with comfortable ease.
  • The Sole SR500 Rower provides display that involves a 2 color LCD display
  • This machine simply delivers a smooth natural pull by way of a powerful eddy current magnetic-air resistance system
  • The Sole SR500 Rower Foldaway design enables users to exercise anywhere within the comforts of their homes as well as the store after user

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