The Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine, with the price in the lower price range, has been the topic of conversation of many. It comes from the company that manufactures exercise equipment that delivers maximum results through comfortable workout programs. This model contains many features like simple and fast assembly, convenience in usage, a one-of-a-kind console designed with users in mind.

Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine Review

7 workout programs

This machine challenges its users with its built in programs for workout. These workouts will test your stamina and patience as you go from easy to hard to extreme. You can choose any of them but one suggestion is to start from the easiest before you jump to a more advanced stage so as not to develop stress on your muscles which is tantamount to body aches after workouts.

8 Levels of magnetic resistance

No matter how much and how often you use this machine, there is no guarantee of getting fast, positive results if you don’t know how to go through an escalation of body resistance. It means every time you press a level, be sure you know how to do it gradually. Knowing how to do this can make your body show some developments after a few weeks.

Easy-to-read LCD display

LCD displays are among the most complained part of exercise machines. The screen guides the users during workouts and makes you see the level you are in, speed, distance and time, and calories burned. The Schwinn A40 has a large LCD display that makes you confident that you are on the right track unlike when using those that have small screens that makes you squint every time you want to see your performance data.

Grip heart rate monitor

Having a grip heart rate monitor is more convenient than anything else. This equipment knows that you are so engrossed with exercise that you don’t want to do any other tasks anymore. So, for more convenience, the company built their machine with a handle that holds your most preferred feature—the heart rate monitor.


Listen to music or get useful alerts while on your workout program with the built-in speakers of the Schwinn A40.  Music can ease you up during workouts and this takes away the hesitation that is often felt by beginners. If at first you think that exercising bothers you a lot because of the time spent, then, take that off from your mind now because the music will make you forget about everything except your workout.

Some users complained about several issues while using ellipticals and some of them even fell gravely short of what is expected of elliptical buyers. This goes to show that these complaints should be directed to the person who bought the elliptical equipment in the first place. This is an unidentifiable error for those who are new at buying exercise equipment. They think that as long as they have the money and place where they can mount their purchase on, they can already start with their workouts.


Convenience of use is the first thing that has to be considered because the user will suffer the consequences in the long haul. Then, check the features and durability of the equipment before you take a look at the price and learn to compare equipment you have shortlisted to see the difference. In such cases, the Schwinn A40 comes highly suggested by many.

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