If you have been on a stationary bike before, you know that sometimes you can feel like a hamster stuck in a wheel. Your headphones probably dangle from your ears and with each push of the pedal you knock the oddly shaped cup holder that’s holding your phone. If that was not enough, you are uncomfortable and annoyed at the amount of flashing lights and buttons. Using machines like this can be frustrating.


Thankfully Schwinn is a producer that puts their customers numero uno. They have always produced nothing but quality and tend to build things in tiers. They understand that you are not going to be at the same fitness level as the mom who takes 6 spin classes a day. For people like us, they built an entry level machine with the capability of taking our fitness to the next level. Here is our Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike Review, made just for you.

Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike Review

Features & Functions

Nowadays, these things are full of so many buttons, screens, inputs, and sometimes things that are just awfully unnecessary. Schwinn gives us something simple and easy to use, so you do not have to spend time reading a manual about an exercise bike. Who has time for that?

  • Drive System A high speed, high inertia, perimeter weighted flywheel
  • Resistance – 20 different levels to maximise your intensity
  • Display – 2 LCD Screens 5” in height
  • Readouts – Time, RPM, Distance, Pulse, Speed, Calories, Resistance level, Profile, HR zone indicator, % complete indicator, Intensity meter, User indicator, Goal achievement
  • Heart Rate Monitor – Yes, on the handlebar grips
  • USB Connection – Yes, with SchwinnConnect for tracking and sharing your fitness achievements
  • Media Tray – Finally, yes. We can stop placing our phones in cupholders
  • Maximum Weight – 300 pounds
  • Warranty – 10 years for the frame, 2 years for mechanical, 1 year for electrical, and 90 days for all labor

The Schwinn 130 was specially crafted to make us use our core. Its upright design was intentional. When mounting this bike you will notice immediately your posture is perfectly erect. They really took it a step farther by tricking us into working out the rest of our body didn’t they?

Do you know what really makes this bike so great? Besides the media tray. If you could not tell that part is our favorite :). What makes this SO great is that every aspect of it is something we need, Schwinn knows who is using their exercise bikes and builds it around people like us. Awesome!

Is It For You?

We wish we could give the perfect machine for your fitness level and the goals you are trying to accomplish. Because we cannot, we also recommend you check out the Schwinn IC Performance Plus. The IC bike is particularly geared towards the experienced spinner. Take a look at what people are saying about both and decide which is going to help you more. Remember, the Schwinn 130 has several programs and 20 resistance levels to keep you improving.


This bike will be like the first car you had that never gave up. It will always get you goal to goal and just when you think it is not good enough to make it, it says “Listen, I’ve got 19 more resistance levels.” Schwinn outdid themselves by making this one of the most user defined bikes on the market. You can pedal confidently knowing that even if what you are looking for is not there, Schwinn is right there with a solution.