High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, has become increasing popular as one of the best fat burning workouts. This type of workout uses bursts of speed with short rests in between. It alleviates the boredom that most people feel once they step on the treadmill. Incorporating HIIT into your treadmill workouts would surely increase the amount of fat that you burn in a very short time.


Why You Need to Do HIIT

HIIT sessions have plenty of benefits to offer, especially if you have a busy schedule. Your metabolic rate and heart rate increase as you complete the sets. This effect allows your body to burn more calories than doing steady cardio workouts. Studies have shown that HIIT burns up to nine times more fat than the usual cardio exercise. This type of workout also keeps your metabolism up for more than 24 hours after each session, which means you will continue burning fat even after your workout.

In addition, HIIT helps your body to burn fat while maintaining muscle. The overall duration is typically 10 minutes or more per session. You can do this workout after your weight training to torch the unwanted fat and enjoy a six-pack abs in no time.


The Workout

This treadmill workout is just one of the many variations of HIIT that you can incorporate into your routine. You only need 10 minutes to complete this session. Begin with a light jog for about three minutes before doing this workout. After the session, walk for three minutes to cool down. Take note that the 10-minute HIIT does not include the warm-up and cool down portions, so allot about 20 minutes for this routine.

Beginners should complete 20 seconds of work with a 40-second recovery for 10 sets. The more experienced ones should do the intermediate level workout, where they would have to do 30 seconds of work with a 30-second recovery for 10 sets. Advanced-level individuals should complete 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds of recovery in between for 10 sets.

If you find the advanced level workout easy, then you can increase the incline for added variation, or follow the same workout on your stationary bike. Make sure to maintain proper form as you do the sets to prevent injury.


More Important Tips

The ideal work-to-rest ratio for HIIT sessions is to implement a recovery duration that is 50 percent of the working time. This gap should allow you to have ample recovery to perform the next set at maximum effort. If you are still gasping after the allotted recovery time, then you can further lengthen your rest periods.

It is also advisable to do this workout after your resistance training as it will shift your body to fat-burning mode much faster. However, you must remember that this workout should be incorporated into your strength training only during your lean phase, and not when you are beginning to bulk up.  It is also not ideal to do HIIT after a hard leg workout.


High intensity interval training requires you to work at your maximum effort for a short amount of time. Aside from the treadmill, you can also do this workout on a stationary bike, a rower, a cross trainer, or the stairs. Do not do this workout if you have been sedentary and have only started exercising as you will increase your risk of getting injured. If you really want to try it out, it will be best to approach a fitness trainer to guide you. You can also grab your friends and do this workout as a group, so it will be more enjoyable.