Running is one of the best and less costly workouts. You only need a good pair of running shoes and workout clothes, and off you go. If you have been living a sedentary life, getting started with running can be overwhelming. It is ideal for beginners to get started on the treadmill before heading out on the pavements, and it could take some time before you get used to it. The best way to begin is to do a slow walk before and after using the treadmill in order to prevent dizziness. Here are a few more tips to note:


Don’t be Afraid to Ask

If this is your first time to use the treadmill, don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is always best to ask questions, so you can avoid the common errors experienced by most beginners. Ask a gym trainer or your treadmill’s technician to show you the various workout programs, and safety features.


Start Slow Before Increasing Speed

Select a slow pace (around 2 to 2.5) to ensure that you feel secured. Once you get the hang of it, you may begin to gradually increase the speed and stop at a pace that you can tolerate. You can choose to play around with the incline levels, and speed to enjoy a good cardio workout. Always remember to warm up and cool down for a few minutes before and after your exercise to help prevent your body from having injuries.


Pay Attention

You need to pay attention to where you feet are positioned on the treadmill. Keep your body centered and maintain a forward motion towards the treadmill, so you will not fall off. While some people enjoy using the treadmill while watching TV or reading a magazine, beginners should avoid doing this to prevent any accidents. If you need to stop, do not attempt to jump off. Simply press the Stop button and get your balance, before you leave the treadmill. You can use the safety strap to make you feel secured.


Look Straight and Don’t Look Down

Prevent yourself from looking down, unless there is a need to do so. Look straight and keep moving. You can hold onto the handrails as you walk, but you will have to let go once you have increased the speed to a jogging or running pace. You also need to maintain a proper form whether you are walking or running. Keep your shoulders relaxed, do a loosened fist, slightly bend your elbows and allow them to swing freely, and make sure to land on the balls of your feet.

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