26 Ways To Lose Weight in 2016 (without crash diets or crazy exercise routines)

26 Ways To Lose Weight in 2016 (without crash diets or crazy exercise routines)

This year, embark on a new healthier lifestyle without any drastic dieting or extreme workouts. By slightly altering what you do everyday, you can successfully lose weight without too much stress. Feel good and look great with these simple and easy to follow tips:


1. The bulk of your carbs for the day should be eaten at breakfast.

big breakfast

source: www.essentialsurrey.co.uk

This will give you enough energy and help you eat less carbs throughout the day.

2. Use smaller plates.

small and large plate

source: www.zulily.com

Your portion sizes will automatically be smaller.

3. Shop with cash whenever you can.

australian dollars

source: www.start-a-new-life-in-australia.com

Especially when you’re eating out, the temptation to splurge and get a second or third serving is stronger when you know you’re paying with a credit card.

4. Eliminate unhealthy food from your diet little by little.

source: www.buzzfeed.com

Going cold turkey just doesn’t work for some people. You can stick to your diet better if you start by slowly removing one unhealthy food at a time.

5. Figure out your cravings.


source: blog.freepeople.com

Substitute your craving with a healthier option. If you seem to be yearning for a bag of salty chips, grab some less-salt pretzel sticks instead.

6. Surround yourself with people who have the same goal.

exercise in sports club

You’ll be more motivated to press on if you’re around people who encourage you.

7. Make drinking more water a habit.

Glass of water

Water doesn’t just ease your thirst, it cleanses your system. Train yourself to drink water after a certain activity you do throughout the day.


8. Do some of your work standing up instead of sitting down.

working while standing

source: www.simplifiedbuilding.com

Get a standing desk if you can. If not, stand up whenever you’re making calls or walk over to your colleague’s station if you need to speak with him.

9. Reorganize your fridge and pantry.

freezer organized

source: www.gofeminin.de

Take stock of all the food you have and remove most, if not all, foods with too much fat, salt or sugar

10. Arm yourself with some healthy snacks.

Dietary foods

Buy only healthy snacks for your home and keep some more healthy snacks in your office bag

11. Limit your sugar intake per day.

Once you start consuming more sugar, you’ll keep wanting more. Cut down your sweets to one or two in a day and once you’re used to that, make it even less.

12. Drinking a glass of water before you eat aids your digestion.

pitcher of water

Also, half of the time what we interpret as hunger pangs is actually thirst.

13. Write down what you eat.

meal planner

source: www.getfitwithnikki.com

Just as a budget helps you take note of your expenses, a food journal helps you monitor what you eat and how often.

14. Get your energy boost from green tea.

green tea

source: www.womenshealthmag.com

Ditch the soda and added sugar. Green tea is a healthier source of caffeine plus it has some other stimulants.

15. Get an accountability partner.

Sports women running

Share your progress on your weight and any successes or challenges in changing your habits.


16. Keep calm and carry on.

Pretty young woman doing plank

Don’t be discouraged if you’re not losing weight as quickly as you’d like. Worrying about it won’t help.

17. Follow an eating schedule so you can eat your meals regularly.

sample meal schedule

source: www.healthy-eating-spot.com

Irregular eating patterns contribute to weight gain. Choose an eating schedule: the usual three meals a day or smaller but more frequent meals spaced throughout your day.

18. Get a move on, even when you’re sitting.

chair situp

source: www.shape.com

There are some exercises you can do at the office including while you’re sitting down.

19. If you’re counting your calories, choose food, not drinks.

Happy family

Chewing your food, not drinking its juice, will help you feel satisfied longer.

20. Replace some of your proteins and carbs with vegetables.


Vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals but have significantly lesser calories.

21. Don’t miss the most important meal of the day.

good breakfast

source: www.buzzfeed.com

Studies have shown that those who skip breakfast tend to eat more throughout the day.

22. Chew your food slowly and thoroughly.

chew food

The faster you eat, the longer it takes for your body to notice when you’re already full.

23. Be picky with your salad, not all salads are healthy.

vegetable salad

Look for high-calorie and fatty ingredients hiding in your salad and remove them or cut down the serving size.

24. Going up and down the stairs is good exercise.

going up the stairs

source: www.gofitmomstl.blogspot.com

Never mind the elevator or escalator. Taking the stairs is good for you.

25. Go to bed earlier.


Getting more sleep is good for your body and helps you avoid late-night snacking.

26. Find some other relaxing activity at the end of your day aside from eating.

source: www.refinery29.com

Try a long, soothing bath, a massage, reading or meditation.