If you want toned and well-developed abdominal muscles, the ab wheel or ab roller provides excellent exercise at home. Ab wheels are easy to learn and use. You don’t need a whole lot of skill or experience to start exercising with an ab wheel. Aside from that, ab wheels are not that expensive.

Here’s a look at the best ab wheels worth purchasing:

1. CSX Ab Roller Wheel

The CSX Ab Roller Wheel is safe to use, highly durable and works well on a variety of surfaces. It works smoothly to execute simple and more complex exercises for maximum core workout results. The handles are covered with foam to make them comfortable to use and to allow a firm grip. The wheel is made of top quality plastic and rubberized while the axle is made of steel. The double wheeled design makes it stable and supports weight well. The dense mat used as a knee pad is also a welcome accessory.

2. Elite sportz equipment Ab Wheel Roller Pro

For a more impactful core strength workout, try the Elite sportz equipment Ab Wheel Roller Pro. This ab wheel has a smooth motion and facilitates easy and effective workouts. It’s pre-assembled and prepared for immediate use. Lightweight for easy storage and portability, it’s also constructed with dual wheels and an immensely sturdy axle to let you keep your balance and minimize wobbling. The handles are enclosed in foam for a more comfortable hold, plus its makers guarantee topnotch quality materials as it comes with a lifetime warranty.

3. Iron Gym Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System

Another commendable ab wheel is the Iron Gym Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System. It provides a total workout for your abdominal muscles and at the same time effectively exercises your back, obliques, shoulders and arms. Made of professional quality, the exceptionally strong axle and larger than usual wheel are designed for fluid but secure movement. The wheel is layered with a special material to prevent slipping and allow use on most floor surfaces while the ergonomic handles are coated with rubber for a steady but comfortable grip. This exercise equipment is also easy to figure out and master.

4. Lifeline Power Wheel

The Lifeline Power Wheel is best for intermediate level and more experienced users. It’s unique in design since the wheel can move in different directions and it includes foot pedals offering a greater variety of exercises. Sturdily built, it works to enhance strength, reduce fat and tone the muscles in multiple areas of the body, not just the abdomen. The wheel is securely balanced and can be maneuvered over most floor types while the handles are padded for a sure grip and to safeguard against injury. This ab wheel also comes at an affordable price.

5. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

What’s great about the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is that it’s extra-wide for the best stability and well-built to easily carry any weight. It’s a smoothly rolling wheel system that enables amazing and effective workouts for your arms and midsection. The wheel is covered with rubber to avoid slips and other accidents and it moves in any direction for more challenging workouts. The handles are also cushioned with rubber for more control and less tension on the hand. Knee pad accessories to protect the knees are included.

6. PharMeDoc Ab Roller

Ranked among other top quality ab wheels is the PharMeDoc Ab Roller. This low cost but high performing equipment delivers smooth rolling motion for a quick exercise or longer workouts. With this ab roller, you can execute different exercises to trim the fat on your belly, back and arms. The double wheel ensures balance and solidity and the rubberized wheels guarantee a better hold on most floor types while preventing slipping. You can work out safely thanks to the handles which are tough and hard-wearing. The handles are also easy to grip comfortably and do not strain your hand.

7. Ultimate Body Press Ab Wheels

The Ultimate Body Press Ab Wheels utilizes a distinctive design that makes it highly stable and well-balanced with minimal risk of wobbling. Instead of just one wheel, this roller system has a pair of rollers with each roller bearing a couple of wheels connected by a cushioned handle. These rubber-covered wheels are very durable and capable of withstanding pressure. The rollers are extremely easy to use and can let you roll farther than other models. They’re also portable and easy to store since they’re really not as heavy as they look.

8. Valeo VA2413RE Dual Ab Wheel

One of the more affordable ab wheels is the Valeo VA2413RE Dual Ab Wheel. It uses a simple, standard but highly effective design that doesn’t compromise its quality. This multi-purpose equipment strengthens different muscles such as the back, abdomen and arms. With its double wheels, you are assured of better balance and control. The wheels are also grooved to help lower the risk of skidding for safer use on any surface. The handles meanwhile are enclosed in rubber to provide a strong but comfortable grip.

9. Wacces AB Power Wheel

Ideal for easy abdominal and strength-training exercises which you can do at home, the Wacces AB Power Wheel makes use of a dual wheel system. The wheels are designed to prevent slips or skids and being dual wheels, they maximize stability, making it easier to balance. The rubber handles are lined to help you keep a tight grip. This ab wheel is also made of sturdy material and well-constructed to support weight and move smoothly. Novice to intermediate level users will appreciate how easy this is to use.

10. Youactive Sports AB-WOW Ab Roller

The Youactive Sports AB-WOW Ab Roller is a durable exercise machine with larger than average wheels and a strong axle. It includes several useful accessories such as foot straps to allow a greater variety of exercises and a couple of resistance bands that add more effectiveness to the workouts. The wheel is designed for the best stability and delivers a smooth rolling motion with hardly any unsteady swaying. This ab wheel is easy to set up as well as disassemble, perfect for traveling. Another attractive feature of this product is the lifetime warranty.

With ab wheels or exercise wheels like these, you can get the flat abdomen and sculpted arms you’ve dreamed of without having to perform a lot of sit-ups and crunches. Be sure to use the ab wheels correctly though and follow the recommended exercise for your fitness level.