How To Lose Weight Fast For Men

Men can also gain weight. While people generally believe that only the women must maintain a healthy weight and figure, men are also on a constant battle with their physique. The only way to lose the excess pounds and keep them off forever is to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Below are effective ways to kickstart your weight loss journey:

How To Lose Weight Fast (For Men)

Stay hydrated

Water offers plenty of health benefits. Many may not know it, but it does a lot of wonders on a person’s overall health, including weight loss. Staying well-hydrated will keep your metabolism working well as it tends to slow down when the body lacks water. Aim to drink at least two liters of water a day, but you may need more when you live an active lifestyle. A pale yellow urine is a good indicator of how well hydrated you are.

Consume complex carbs

Carbohydrates are a necessary part of your diet as it helps fuel your body. Without them, your body will use protein for energy, meaning it will not go towards feeding your muscles. It is important, however, to understand that there are good and bad carbs. Complex carbohydrates, which are the good ones, will take longer to digest, so you will feel full for longer. The white ones, meanwhile, will trigger your blood sugar levels to shoot up and then later cause a sugar crash. This will make you want to eat mindlessly.

Eat more lean proteins

Protein is crucial for building muscles, which will help boost your metabolism. When you have adequate protein intake, you will feel fuller for longer as it takes a while to burn. Good sources of protein include fish, chicken, eggs, sardines, milk, tofu, cottage cheese, beans, and nuts. Make sure to have protein-rich foods in each meal.

Count your calories

It is extremely important to count your calorie intake to maintain or lose weight. You can see the number of calories on the nutrition label. Write down everything you consume, including the amount of water you drink. Keeping a food journal will make you feel more accountable with what you take in. However, never ever starve yourself because it will only slow down your metabolism. There are mobile apps available that can help you count calories.

Always choose to eat home-cooked meals

The food you eat in restaurants normally has a bigger serving than the recommended amount. It will only encourage you to eat more than you should, even though you are already feeling full. In addition, foods bought in restaurants and fast-food stores are high in sodium and sugar. Choose to eat home-cooked meals, instead, so the portion and number of calories are controlled.

Do strength training

Most people think that, in order to lose weight, they have to keep doing cardio workouts every day. What they do not know is that strength training is a critical part of becoming and staying lean. Resistance training will make your muscles work, causing you to burn calories even after your workout. Aim to lift weights and do core training at least three times a week.

Vary your workout

Working out regularly is key to improved health and fitness. However, you may not get the results you want when you are doing the same thing every day. This will eventually lead to what the fitness experts call a plateau, which is the state where your body has gotten used to the movements you do. It is important to constantly surprise your body with varied workouts to ensure continued progress.

Cut the alcohol

The beer belly is the most common problem faced by many men. Alcohol contains plenty of calories that can cause fat accumulation around the stomach area. You can reduce your waist line by cutting on alcohol.

Exercise Options & Benefits For Individuals With Arthritis

Arthritis causes stiff and painful joints, and limits a person’s ability to move around with ease. If you have this condition, exercising (combination of strength and cardio) can help improve your range of movements and comfort. Inflamed joints will require adequate rest, about two to three days. Once the inflammation is gone, then you can slowly incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Read on to know more about choosing the right exercises for you and how it can help you manage your arthritis.

Benefits of exercising with arthritis

People with arthritis should exercise regularly to enjoy:

  • Higher fitness level
  • Improved muscle strength
  • Greater ability to perform daily tasks
  • Improved emotional well-being

Regular exercise can also help you maintain a healthy weight and heart health. Some exercises may help improve bone strength, and lower your risk of osteoporosis or the thinning of bones.

Exercise options

Arthritis patients can choose among these exercise options:


Walking is good for nearly everyone, unless it has become too painful to do. This activity helps strengthen the bones, and aerobic endurance. The American College of Sports Medicine has recommended doing moderate to hard intensity workouts three to five days a week, 30 minutes per session. This means you will need to hit 60 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate, and hold it within the given time frame. If you are just starting, 10 minutes of walking per day will suffice, and then gradually increase the duration and intensity as you progress.

Water exercise

This activity involves working out in a swimming pool that is usually warm. Also called hydrotherapy, water exercising has become increasingly popular for the past few years. It is, in fact, one of the most comfortable activities for people with arthritis. The environment is safe on the joints because the water supports the patient’s weight. Water exercise is highly beneficial for people with joint issues, especially those who find it challenging to workout on land.


Yoga is a great exercise for nearly everyone, even those with tender and swollen joints. It involves doing deep relaxation techniques to boost the immune system, overall mood, and reduce joint inflammation. It promotes gentle stretching to help improve mobility and stability. Not all types of yoga, however, are safe on the joints. Avoid hot yoga, power yoga, and flow or Vinyasa because they increase the body temperature and may put excessive pressure on the patient’s joints.


Pilates is a great mental and physical exercise. It helps stabilize the joints, strengthens the muscles, and improves mental focus. The exercise promotes proper breathing as you carefully perform the movements that target the whole body.

The shoulder bridge is one of the most popular moves, where you will be asked to lie on your back and bend the knees with your arms along your sides. This move involves exhaling with your lips pursed as you contract your stomach and lift your pelvis without over flexing the knees or arching the back. You must hold this position for a bit before slowly bringing your back to the ground, and preparing for the next repetition.


Stretching is good for anyone, as long as you do not overdo it. You can use a strap or a chair to help you loosen the joints and muscles. It is important that you do every day, whenever possible, to keep joints from getting stiff and your body flexible.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi involves doing smooth and fluid movements. This ancient Chinese martial arts help improve the flow of energy, or the Qi, throughout your body. It is believed to help promote relaxation and good health. There are many different tai chi styles that you can try, but it is best to ask your doctor which type suits your condition best.

7 DIY Knee Strengthening Exercises

Knee strengthening is important to help keep your knee joints healthy and stable. There are several exercises that can help strengthen the area, and relieve discomfort. Many of them can be done without needing to go to a gym. Here are some of the best knee strengthening exercises that you can do at home:

How To Strengthen Your Knees

Quad clenches

  • Lie flat on your back or sit up straight. Your knee and legs should be straight, as well.
  • Tighten the quads (the muscles on the front of your thigh) by slowly pushing your knee down. You will feel the clenching on your thigh muscles.
  • Hold this position for three seconds, before going back to the start position.
  • Repeat up to 20 repetitions, every three to four hours.

Straight knee raise

  • Lie flat on your back, with one of your leg straight and the other bent.
  • Pull your toes inwards, and clench the muscle on the front of your thigh to lock your knee.
  • Lift the foot up to six inches high, and hold this for three to five seconds before slowly lowering your leg down.
  • Your knee should remain straight the entire time.
  • Repeat 20 times, twice daily.

Kick backs

  • Stand up straight, and grab something stable, such as a table or a chair.
  • Lift your foot as far as possible towards your glutes. You knee will bend during the movement.
  • Hold the position for up to five seconds, and then go back to the starting position.
  • Repeat this 25 times, twice daily.

Hamstring clenches

  • Sit on a chair, and place your heel against the furniture’s leg. Your feet should be firm on the floor.
  • Press the heel backwards into the chair’s leg, so you will feel the back of your thigh clenching. Hold this for five seconds.
  • Do this for 20 times, twice daily.

Buttock Clenches

  • Sit up or lie down
  • Clench your glutes and hold for three seconds
  • Repeat 20 times, every three to four hours

Heel raises

  • Stand with your feet apart. Hold onto something for balance, if necessary.
  • Lift your heels as high as you can. Hold for three to five seconds, and then lower yourself down.
  • Repeat 30 times, twice daily

Single-leg stand

  • Stand near a chair or wall for balance
  • Slowly lift one leg up and hold the position for as long as you can. Keep the other leg stable as you perform the movement.
  • Do this five minutes, twice daily.

Maxiclimber Reviews Guide


Maxi Climber

The Maxi Climber is the home exercise equipment that you will want to have after reading this review. It mimics the rock climbing movements without the need to head outdoors for the experience. You can burn hundreds of calories in an hour, and the equipment is safe on your joints. This affordable fitness machine tones your major muscle groups and improves your aerobic endurance. Becoming fit has never been this convenient, and there is no need to break the bank just to have this fantastic fitness equipment for an intense home workout.


The Maxi Climber targets the same muscles used when you do rock climbing, such as your core, legs, glutes, shoulders, back, and arms. It basically gives you a total body workout without the need for additional equipment. The whole workout is fat-burning, and you can achieve your desired fitness level faster when you use it regularly.

You will also get to enjoy increased endurance and stamina, better coordination and balance, and improved energy levels. In the long term, using this vertical climber machine will give you better bone density and systemic health. Your body weight is used to add resistance, which means you get to burn more when you put more effort in. Beginners can take it slowly to reduce the intensity, and gradually moving faster as they progress. This machine is designed for fitter individuals, but sedentary people who wish to start their fitness journey can use it at a lower intensity in the beginning.

Specifications and key features

The Maxi Climber is packed with all the essential features to keep you going with just the right amount of comfort. The package includes the Simple 7-Step Meal Plan (in Spanish and English) and the Rockin’ Out Interval Training disc that contains 12 different workout songs to pump you up.

This vertical climber is 22 inches wide, 36 inches long, and 79 inches high when fully extended. The unit is foldable for easy transport and storage, perfect for people with limited room spaces. In addition, the machine only weighs 34 pounds.

Other notable features include:

  • Maximum User Body Weight of 240 pounds. Heavier individuals reported using it without encountering a problem.
  • Foldable: Folding this machine will make it fit into a standard-sized closet or simply slide it under your bed.
  • Bio-X Technology: This one gives a cross-crawl motion that will work your core and abs with every step you make.
  • Ergonomic design: The isometric non-stick handgrips will make your workout comfortable, smooth, and low-impact.
  • Timer: This simple timer will count the steps you take, and how many calories you have burned. It starts once you begin exercising, and then stops when you do.
  • Adjustable height settings: There are five settings for you to choose from. This feature will help accommodate both shorter and longer users to ensure user comfort.

How to use

Keep your back straight, and adjust your weight by bringing most of it on the back of the pedals. Your core should be engaged, with your hips squared and upper body still. Hold onto the machine’s handgrips, and push down using your right foot as your left hand pushes the handle. Your left foot pushes down next, with your right hand pushing the handle upwards. Perform the movement continuously throughout the session.

Your workout duration and intensity will depend on your fitness level. The manufacturer recommends that beginners do 10-minute sessions, while those who have never exercised before will want to do shorter than that. You will be able to climb longer with minimal rest in between as your endurance and strength improve.

If you are on the athletic side, then you may want to do high-intensity-interval-trainings (HIITs) on your Maxi Climber. You can do this by going hard for two minutes, and then resting for about 30 to 60 seconds. Increase the time gradually until you are doing longer workouts with lesser rests in between. Aim to do 20 to 30 minutes of this intense workout per session.

Quick Pros and Cons


  • Easy assembly – the machine is ready-for-use in minutes
  • Works all your major muscle groups
  • Improves your cardiovascular health and muscle strength simultaneously
  • Offers five adjustable height settings to accommodate various users
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Consumes little room space
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Operates quietly to avoid disturbing other people around you
  • Has isometric handgrips for added comfort
  • Comes at a relatively low price, compared to other similar brands


  • Supports only up to 240 pounds of user body weight
  • Workouts are solely based on body weight, but you may make the session more challenging by lengthening your steps

Other important things to note

The machine’s foot pedals are comfortable to step on, as long as you are wearing the right pair of shoes. It will be hard on your feet when you use it barefoot. Since excessive sweating is expected when you use the Maxi Climber, make sure to keep a towel beside you to wipe the machine after each session. It is also recommended to have a bottle of water near you to stay hydrated.

Make sure that you are comfortable with the handlebars before working out. The handlebars should fit your arm length. To prevent injury, start your session with a warm-up and then ending it with a cool-down. Begin your exercise session with slow and short strides to awaken your muscles for the intense workout. Increase the pace and stride after a couple of minutes, and perform another set of short strides at a slow pace to cool your body down.


The Maxi Climber machine is ideal for anybody looking for a compact-sized fitness equipment that gives a total body workout. It received an impressive amount of positive feedback from happy users online, meaning it definitely delivers. This affordable fitness equipment will give you the anaerobic and aerobic workout that will keep you challenged every time you hop on it. If you want to lose weight and tone your body, then this machine is surely worth considering, especially when you use it along with the meal plan and workout CD that come with it.

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Top 10 Best Ab Wheels

If you want toned and well-developed abdominal muscles, the ab wheel or ab roller provides excellent exercise at home. Ab wheels are easy to learn and use. You don’t need a whole lot of skill or experience to start exercising with an ab wheel. Aside from that, ab wheels are not that expensive.

Here’s a look at the best ab wheels worth purchasing:

1. CSX Ab Roller Wheel

The CSX Ab Roller Wheel is safe to use, highly durable and works well on a variety of surfaces. It works smoothly to execute simple and more complex exercises for maximum core workout results. The handles are covered with foam to make them comfortable to use and to allow a firm grip. The wheel is made of top quality plastic and rubberized while the axle is made of steel. The double wheeled design makes it stable and supports weight well. The dense mat used as a knee pad is also a welcome accessory.

2. Elite sportz equipment Ab Wheel Roller Pro

For a more impactful core strength workout, try the Elite sportz equipment Ab Wheel Roller Pro. This ab wheel has a smooth motion and facilitates easy and effective workouts. It’s pre-assembled and prepared for immediate use. Lightweight for easy storage and portability, it’s also constructed with dual wheels and an immensely sturdy axle to let you keep your balance and minimize wobbling. The handles are enclosed in foam for a more comfortable hold, plus its makers guarantee topnotch quality materials as it comes with a lifetime warranty.

3. Iron Gym Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System

Another commendable ab wheel is the Iron Gym Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System. It provides a total workout for your abdominal muscles and at the same time effectively exercises your back, obliques, shoulders and arms. Made of professional quality, the exceptionally strong axle and larger than usual wheel are designed for fluid but secure movement. The wheel is layered with a special material to prevent slipping and allow use on most floor surfaces while the ergonomic handles are coated with rubber for a steady but comfortable grip. This exercise equipment is also easy to figure out and master.

4. Lifeline Power Wheel

The Lifeline Power Wheel is best for intermediate level and more experienced users. It’s unique in design since the wheel can move in different directions and it includes foot pedals offering a greater variety of exercises. Sturdily built, it works to enhance strength, reduce fat and tone the muscles in multiple areas of the body, not just the abdomen. The wheel is securely balanced and can be maneuvered over most floor types while the handles are padded for a sure grip and to safeguard against injury. This ab wheel also comes at an affordable price.

5. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

What’s great about the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is that it’s extra-wide for the best stability and well-built to easily carry any weight. It’s a smoothly rolling wheel system that enables amazing and effective workouts for your arms and midsection. The wheel is covered with rubber to avoid slips and other accidents and it moves in any direction for more challenging workouts. The handles are also cushioned with rubber for more control and less tension on the hand. Knee pad accessories to protect the knees are included.

6. PharMeDoc Ab Roller

Ranked among other top quality ab wheels is the PharMeDoc Ab Roller. This low cost but high performing equipment delivers smooth rolling motion for a quick exercise or longer workouts. With this ab roller, you can execute different exercises to trim the fat on your belly, back and arms. The double wheel ensures balance and solidity and the rubberized wheels guarantee a better hold on most floor types while preventing slipping. You can work out safely thanks to the handles which are tough and hard-wearing. The handles are also easy to grip comfortably and do not strain your hand.

7. Ultimate Body Press Ab Wheels

The Ultimate Body Press Ab Wheels utilizes a distinctive design that makes it highly stable and well-balanced with minimal risk of wobbling. Instead of just one wheel, this roller system has a pair of rollers with each roller bearing a couple of wheels connected by a cushioned handle. These rubber-covered wheels are very durable and capable of withstanding pressure. The rollers are extremely easy to use and can let you roll farther than other models. They’re also portable and easy to store since they’re really not as heavy as they look.

8. Valeo VA2413RE Dual Ab Wheel

One of the more affordable ab wheels is the Valeo VA2413RE Dual Ab Wheel. It uses a simple, standard but highly effective design that doesn’t compromise its quality. This multi-purpose equipment strengthens different muscles such as the back, abdomen and arms. With its double wheels, you are assured of better balance and control. The wheels are also grooved to help lower the risk of skidding for safer use on any surface. The handles meanwhile are enclosed in rubber to provide a strong but comfortable grip.

9. Wacces AB Power Wheel

Ideal for easy abdominal and strength-training exercises which you can do at home, the Wacces AB Power Wheel makes use of a dual wheel system. The wheels are designed to prevent slips or skids and being dual wheels, they maximize stability, making it easier to balance. The rubber handles are lined to help you keep a tight grip. This ab wheel is also made of sturdy material and well-constructed to support weight and move smoothly. Novice to intermediate level users will appreciate how easy this is to use.

10. Youactive Sports AB-WOW Ab Roller

The Youactive Sports AB-WOW Ab Roller is a durable exercise machine with larger than average wheels and a strong axle. It includes several useful accessories such as foot straps to allow a greater variety of exercises and a couple of resistance bands that add more effectiveness to the workouts. The wheel is designed for the best stability and delivers a smooth rolling motion with hardly any unsteady swaying. This ab wheel is easy to set up as well as disassemble, perfect for traveling. Another attractive feature of this product is the lifetime warranty.

With ab wheels or exercise wheels like these, you can get the flat abdomen and sculpted arms you’ve dreamed of without having to perform a lot of sit-ups and crunches. Be sure to use the ab wheels correctly though and follow the recommended exercise for your fitness level.

Bowflex Ultimate 2 Reviews

Bowflex Ultimate 2

The Bowflex Ultimate 2 is a versatile home gym solution for people who want a great total body workout without having to pay for gym memberships or make space for various machines at home. This home gym has been around for a decade, but has also received regular design upgrades. It features a compact size with the ability to offer a wide variety of workouts.

Bowflex Ultimate 2


The Bowflex Ultimate 2 allows you to work every major muscle group in your body. Whether you want to focus on building muscle strength on your chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, or abdominals, this home gym covers all of them. Its key features include:

  • Power rod resistance that will keep you feeling challenged without worrying about joint pains. You will get 310 pounds of resistance with an option to upgrade up to 410 pounds.
  • Unique cable pulley system that does not require you to change the cables on the pulleys to switch from one workout to another. It will save you time and keep your heart rate elevated.
  • Lat tower that comes with an angled lat bar to develop your shoulder and back muscles efficiently.
  • Preacher curl attachment to further develop your bicep muscles.
  • Leg extension to work your legs without using too much room space.
  • Integrated squat station to develop your hamstrings, quads, butt, and calves.
  • Five-way, hand-grip or ankle cuffs for greater flexibility and challenge.
  • Leg press belt to protect you from any injuries.
  • Vertical bench press to help challenge both your smaller muscles and deep muscle tissues.
  • Easily-foldable machine for easy storage.
  • Weighs 407 pounds to ensure stability.
  • Built-in rowing machine for your cardio fix.
  • Multiple cable or pulley positions to allow for different resistance angles.


Some Bowflex home gyms allow you to do more than 60 exercises. The Ultimate 2 can give you more than 90, which is great news for the serious gym rat. In fact, you can do up to seven abdominal exercises, 10 for the chest, 12 for the back, 20 for the arms, 21 for the shoulders, and 21 for the legs.

The Ultimate 2 also boasts of having a durable construction. Customers reported having owned a Bowflex home gym unit for more than six years without complaints. It is also safe to use as every part of it had been carefully designed. Included in the package is an instructional manual and a DVD that demonstrates how you can perform your exercises properly. You will also receive a poster that has all the basic exercises, so you will have a guide.

The unique cable pulley system offers a nice touch. You no longer need to change the cables to switch from one workout to another. This means you can easily go from squats to lat workouts without the hassle.


The only downside of the Ultimate 2 is that a brand new unit is no longer available. You can only find one that is used or refurbished. Since it has a durable construction, its durability should no longer be a problem.

There are also minor issues regarding this product. One user said the machine remains large even when folded up. Despite Bowflex’s claim that it is space-efficient, many customers felt that the unit was larger than expected when fully-assembled. One user claiming to be in the construction industry warned future users that they should have a 10ft long x 7ft wide x 7ft tall room space to accommodate the Bowflex Ultimate 2. This means people who want a home gym but with limited space would have to consider a more compact unit than this model.


The first Bowflex Ultimate 2 went on sale many years ago, but it remains to be one of the most durable home gyms today. Bowflex has made significant tweaks to make it perfect, but users remained to be concerned with its size. Despite this, the Ultimate 2 is still one of the best home gyms. The inclusion of a workout DVD and manual can greatly help beginners who want to start an active and healthy lifestyle without hiring a personal trainer.

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Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine Review

3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine Review

Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine Review

The Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine, with the price in the lower price range, has been the topic of conversation of many. It comes from the company that manufactures exercise equipment that delivers maximum results through comfortable workout programs. This model contains many features like simple and fast assembly, convenience in usage, a one-of-a-kind console designed with users in mind.

Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine Review

7 workout programs

This machine challenges its users with its built in programs for workout. These workouts will test your stamina and patience as you go from easy to hard to extreme. You can choose any of them but one suggestion is to start from the easiest before you jump to a more advanced stage so as not to develop stress on your muscles which is tantamount to body aches after workouts.

8 Levels of magnetic resistance

No matter how much and how often you use this machine, there is no guarantee of getting fast, positive results if you don’t know how to go through an escalation of body resistance. It means every time you press a level, be sure you know how to do it gradually. Knowing how to do this can make your body show some developments after a few weeks.

Easy-to-read LCD display

LCD displays are among the most complained part of exercise machines. The screen guides the users during workouts and makes you see the level you are in, speed, distance and time, and calories burned. The Schwinn A40 has a large LCD display that makes you confident that you are on the right track unlike when using those that have small screens that makes you squint every time you want to see your performance data.

Grip heart rate monitor

Having a grip heart rate monitor is more convenient than anything else. This equipment knows that you are so engrossed with exercise that you don’t want to do any other tasks anymore. So, for more convenience, the company built their machine with a handle that holds your most preferred feature—the heart rate monitor.


Listen to music or get useful alerts while on your workout program with the built-in speakers of the Schwinn A40.  Music can ease you up during workouts and this takes away the hesitation that is often felt by beginners. If at first you think that exercising bothers you a lot because of the time spent, then, take that off from your mind now because the music will make you forget about everything except your workout.

Some users complained about several issues while using ellipticals and some of them even fell gravely short of what is expected of elliptical buyers. This goes to show that these complaints should be directed to the person who bought the elliptical equipment in the first place. This is an unidentifiable error for those who are new at buying exercise equipment. They think that as long as they have the money and place where they can mount their purchase on, they can already start with their workouts.


Convenience of use is the first thing that has to be considered because the user will suffer the consequences in the long haul. Then, check the features and durability of the equipment before you take a look at the price and learn to compare equipment you have shortlisted to see the difference. In such cases, the Schwinn A40 comes highly suggested by many.

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10 Tips For Setting Up An Epic Home Gym

10 Tips For Setting Up An Epic Home Gym1-min

Many people feel overwhelmed with their life priorities that made staying fit became impossible to achieve. One way to stay active is to set up your own home gym. Once you have it, you no longer have to sign-up for the costly gym memberships. Building a home gym is surprisingly easy.

Epic Home Gym Setup

1. Decide whether you need a home gym

A home gym, on one hand, seems like a great idea. On the other hand, make sure that you use it. Most people think about how much money and time they would save when they have a home gym. However, they also need to consider whether they will be motivated enough to workout at home.

2. Know your fitness goals

The exercise equipment that you should buy will depend on your fitness goals. Cardio alone cannot help you become fit. You will need resistance training, too.

3. Determine how much space you need

Space is a major deciding factor when it comes to setting up your home gym. You can either use a spare bedroom, your basement, or the garage. You will also want to consider the flooring and proper ventilation.

4. Set your budget

Setting up your home gym can be pricey, but only if you let it. There are plenty of fitness equipment available today that you can choose from. You need to set a budget and determine the equipment that you need to purchase. You will essentially need a cardio machine, some free weights, an exercise mat, and a bench.

5. Find a reliable supplier

Search the Web for reliable suppliers. Do not be afraid to bargain shop. This part can be time consuming, but you need to be patient. You should also consider checking out forums for recommendations and product reviews.

6. Watch how-to video demos

Setting up a home gym can be overwhelming and confusing. There are plenty of how-to videos online that you can watch, so you will gain tips and tricks. Some videos will even provide you with a list of tools and materials that you will use. Do not be afraid to ask questions and seek advice.

7. Hire a personal trainer

You will need to hire a personal trainer if you have no prior training, or you want to train for a competition. The main thing that you need to keep in mind is that exercising with bad form is the fastest way to get seriously injured.

8. Consider using jumping ropes as cardio alternative

If you have no budget for a good cardio machine, a jumping rope can be a great alternative. It is not recommended, however, for people with joint problems.

9. Use a good home gym flooring

You need to protect both your joints and your flooring. You may need a few layers of plywood or an appropriate carpet. Rubber mats are recommended, too.

10. Don’t forget the extra items

You should not forget the extra items that can improve your home gym experience. These items include the right pair of shoes, chalk for better grip and callus prevention, and a dip belt.

3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

Now you can achieve peace of mind while you shed off those unwanted pounds from your body. With the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill, you can be assured of a quality product that runs side by side with excellent performance. Focusing on your workout is possible with the technical aspects that go with it and the experience of going into fitness with nothing but motivation at hand.

You will enjoy the built in programs, fitness tests, and several pre-programmed courses that you longed to have in your previous workout sessions using its one-touch innovation on programs and speed adjustments. These things you can only find from the experienced manufacturer of 3G Cardio Elite Treadmill.

3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill Review

A Runner’s Dream Machine!

It has an upgraded commercial Ortho Flex Shock™ suspension system for convenience, a large 22-inch x 62-inch running platform, and a 4.0 hp motor that are able to help you build your muscles. It has many other features that can assist you in your workout that you cannot see in other regular fitness equipment around.

10-year Warranty

Casual walkers or avid runners are covered by the company’s 10-year warranty on parts. Meanwhile, the drive motor and frames are both provided with 5-year warranty, and 2 years on labor for those who use it at home. For commercial purposes, you get 5 years each for the drive motor, frame and parts while labor warranty is 1 year.


  • Display: LED/LCD
  • Main Window: 4 LED with LCD Dot Matrix
  • Manual Quick start
  • 8 Built-in Programs, 2 custom down programs, cool down program
  • Gerkin/Cooper/BMI Fitness Testing Program
  • Wireless receiver
  • Hear rate interactive
  • Wireless HR Chest belt
  • MP3 function
  • USB-Audio speakers
  • Hi-Low built-in fan
  • Speed: 0.5mph-12mph
  • One-touch speed control
  • One-Touch incline control with 0%-15% incline degree
  • Dimensions: 84″ x 35.5″ x 58″
  • W./G.W. (lbs): 386lbs / 430 lbs
  • Motor: DC 4.0hp continuous duty
  • Roller: 3”
  • Belt type: Orthopedic
  • Treadmill belt size: 22” x 62”
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs


It only takes quality and performance when rating fitness equipment. The rest of the pack can pour in all the works but bottom line is can users benefit from whatever there is set by manufacturers? The best thing that consumers must put in mind are the obtainable advantages and not always look into the frills these tools have because we have seen a lot from the overloaded to the needy tools and found out that the essential perks are those that would work favorably.

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ASICS Gel Nimbus 16 Review

ASICS Gel Nimbus 16 Review

Being one of the leading names in sports, the ASICS Gel Nimbus 16 caters to an active lifestyle and is known and trusted by casual runners and athletes alike. This brand guarantees stability, style, and most of all—comfort for your feet.

ASICS makes produces running shoes for plantar fasciitis sufferers and those suffering from dull and sharp pain resulting from inflamed plantar fascia. So if you are looking to purchase a pair of shoes to alleviate you from this predicament, you would surely go out and try a pair of ASICS Gel Nimbus 16 rubbers for size.

But how sure are you that this product can offer you the right solution? Is it really a better option for people who have constantly painful feet?

Let’s look into the ingredients that make this ASICS item one of the best. But first, we give you a bird’s eye view of the therapeutic qualities it has.

ASICS Gel Nimbus 16 Review

How ASICS Gel Nimbus 16 can Alleviate Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that warrants the use of night splints, ice massage, shoe inserts, and a reliable air of shoes. Mentioned first are measures that can alleviate the feet from pain. However, standing up needs a better support that can be used while running or walking at a specific distance, which is also needed to exercise the feet. In this case, a good pair of rubbers is a requirement and ASICS Gel Nimbus 16 is the best candidate.


The ASICS Gel Nimbus 16 features a colorful, modern shoe design and built with premium materials. As previously mentioned, it is built to aid in correcting over pronation and a good fit for those who have wide feet. It is the best choice for plantar fasciitis patients as it has a built-in innovation that focuses on easing the pain as well as providing support.

Its overall support structure is outstanding. Its featured Fluid Fit Technology on the upper part of the Nimbus 16 functions like a glove that cushions the feet. It has a detachable foot bed that provides ample amount of padding to keep the heel arched and protected all the time. The midsole function to absorb shock and help feet bounce back in every step and this reduces strain and pain. It has a heel clutching technology that keeps the heel steady while it cushions the feet. Known for durability, it can survive tough runs on different terrain and weather conditions


Some users who tested the Gel Nimbus 16 reported that it wears faster than the Nimbus 15. A customer who weighed 300 lbs. mentioned that the shoes have a tight toe box. There are buyers who complained about the price too.

The increased firmness on the soles makes it a bit flex-resistant. The heel set-up, according to some users, behaves oddly as the feet strays from the shoe’s neutral cushioned position. Others say that it is a good pair if you’re not going anywhere far from within a mile but once you start walking or running several distances, shoe experience is not at its best.


Summarizing all the features and the pros and cons of the ASICS Gel Nimbus 16 brings you to conclude that it still exceeds the requirements that people are looking for in therapeutic shoes. There are different types of consumers and the varying degree of complaints may not be the same on others who get satisfaction out of using this pair of shoes. If you want to be up and active even though you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, you can take these disadvantages with a grain of salt.

ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill Review

ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill Reviews

The world’s No. 1 name in treadmills and fitness equipment, ProForm, partnered with the elite Boston Athletic Association in creating the official training treadmill of the Boston Marathon—the Proform Boston Marathon Treadmill. The treadmill has intelligent design, as masterminded by Icon, and powered by innovative technology to ensure better results.

It is packed with features like the high-definition video workouts simulating the well-known Boston Marathon running conditions via Android browser interface linked to Google Maps. Game changers like the treadmill and incline training can prepare you towards any type of terrain.

ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill Review

iFit® Enabled

This treadmill automatically adjusts your incline and decline positions to re-create trails from different parts of the world. Now, you can experience how trails in Spain, Mongolia or France feel like. Customize your training using the iFit wireless technology and do away with modules you have been using for quite a time now.

QuickSpeed® Buttons

The treadmill has an amazing 15 mph maximum speed. Its QuickSpeed® buttons allows you to adjust your workout intensity conveniently to make you stay focused throughout workouts.


  • Dual 8-inch built-in CoolAire™ fans with two speed settings
  • 400 Lb. Weight Capacity
  • Lifetime Frame & Motor, 6-Year Parts & Electronics, and a 3-Year Labor Warranty
  • Dimensions: 64″x 37″ x 74″
  • 15MPH QuickSpeed® Control
  • 4.25 CHP Commercial Pro Motor
  • 20% Incline, -6% Decline
  • 20″ x 62″ Non-Stretch, 2-Ply, Commercial Tread Belt
  • Compatible music port for iPod
  • 10” Full-color Touch Screen display
  • Cadence Coach

ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill Reviews

This treadmill was designed with a roomy deck so that provides users with a comfortable workout. It gives your legs a lot of room for strides and a width that allows extra elbow room. With a belt area of 20″ x 62″, it can accommodate anybody just like the big guys. This gives users more confidence knowing that the belts won’t break or go out of form.

Customers like the treadmill as it offers a powerful automatic incline and decline adjustability which prepares the body from starting day of practice to race day. There’s no more fussing about waiting for a gym instructor or an assistant to adjust intensity levels as you can get by routines on your own.

The Cadence Coach is another preferred feature by many. It has an audible tone that allows for keeping in sync with your target rhythm. This means you can reach the end of your workout without feeling worn out for your next session the following day.

I tried out the Pro-Form Boston Marathon treadmill at the Boston Marathon expo last week. MUCH better overall was my first impression. I purchased the treadmill at a reduced rate because of the difficulty I had experienced with the X7i. Source

Motor and frame attract a lifetime warranty, followed by 6 years on parts as well as electronics, and not less than 3 years for labor. This speaks volumes for Icon and the commitment and precision that has created this engineering masterpiece. Source


This treadmill is not something the average individual’s budget can be pleased about. At a moderate-higher price point, it falls beyond normal spending and this cost factor may drive away potential users but if you think about the features that go with it, and if you can afford the product, then it makes for a smart buying decision. Buying fitness equipment that only offers limited features can surely shoot your budget. Nevertheless, there are some extras that you may like and the benefits these extras offer can be huge.

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Velocity Exercise Vantage Programmable Air Magnetic Rower Review

Benefits of the Velocity Exercise Vantage Programmable Air Magnetic Rower:

It is a Whisper Quiet Rower:

The Velocity Vantage Rower has in fact the best of all worlds: it features a very high-end functionality, with whisper quiet usage, tremendously durable frame, with smooth gliding seat as well as a fold-away design. Its flywheel and its fan are also designed surrounding a magnetic resistance system –which what makes this rower too quiet. Its padded handlebar enhances an ergonomic design, in order to keep the user’s’ hands from getting tensed.

It is a Fold-away Design with Wheels

One of the best features of the Velocity Exercise Vantage Programmable Air Magnetic Rower is its relative ease when it comes to folding the machine up – simply pop out a pin and then just roll away—that simple. When you do not have ample space and merely wants a fast workout, then this machine would fold up and then roll away to wherever or whenever you wish to store it. Now you could bring the gym to your home.

Velocity Exercise Vantage Programmable Air Magnetic Rower Review

The Velocity Exercise Vantage Magnetic rowing machine is intended to be a gym quality rower for your use at home. The flywheel and its fan structure yields a strong yet smooth torque with its 16 levels of tension resistance. The sizable and very comfy seat sits on a solid but very lightweight aluminum rail and has outstanding support for your lower back. This would enable you to work out more at ease for longer periods of time.

The seat is 19.5-Inch off of the floor, thus, making it really easy to get on and off and it decreases the stress on your knees.

The big, quick-change footpad of the product could be attuned just within seconds in order to fit in any size of foot. Its console is big, and the height is adjustable and backlit, thereby making it really easy to read.

Its programs also involve Manual and the Race modes, with 12 presets, and 5 user profiles, with 5 heart rate controls, with Watt control as well as its Recovery mode. The foldable design of the and its four wheels enable the rower to be easily moved or also stored.

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Stamina 1205 Precision Rower Review

The company Stamina Products, Inc. is a popular brand that offers top rowing machines at an affordable price. The Stamina 1205 Precision Rower is one of their best machines giving customers a chance to achieve their desired level of fitness at an irresistible price. Its key selling point is its space efficiency and compact design which makes it a great choice for small homes. Even though it only weighs 47 pounds, this machine can accommodate a maximum capacity of 250lbs.

Classified along the price range of affordable rowing machines, the Stamina 1205 Precision rower sports a cozy seat and comfortable handles that won’t leave you aching even with prolonged workouts. The resistance is customizable since you can adjust each piston individually — this would be a big benefit for users with unbalanced strength in the upper body and arms. It has 5 levels of resistance and can be calibrated by simply sliding and locking the tension adjusters on the arms of the handles.

There is a single button multi-function console or monitor that tracks the time, distance, speed, burned calories and stroke count giving you a useful analysis of your workout. It is automatically turned on by just moving the seat as it derives its power from a single AA battery. Leaving the rower untouched for 4 minutes will turn off the monitor, saving the battery life for your next workout.

At an affordable price, the Stamina 1205 Precision rower offers the low-impact total body workout that you expect from a rowing machine. Add in the compact design, comfortable handles and seat, you will surely love this machine and be rowing yourself towards good health in no time.


  • The unit has a comfortable foam handle that is adequate for extended workouts
  • The unit is can handle rowers that weigh up to 250 pounds.
  • The unit has a compact design which makes it easy to slide and store.


  • The unit uses hydraulic pistons which can heat up and change in resistance due to heat produced while rowing.
  • The unit does not have wheels which makes moving the unit around a bit cumbersome.


  • Dimensions: Height: The height of the rowing machine is 48 inches
  • Width: The width of the rowing machine is 32.5 inches
  • Length: The total length of the rowing machine is 27.75 inches
  • Weight: The weight of the bike is 47lbs
  • Monitor: The monitor displays time, distance, speed, burned calories and stroke count.
  • Type of Resistance: Hydraulic Pistons

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Interval Training On Treadmills

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, has become increasing popular as one of the best fat burning workouts. This type of workout uses bursts of speed with short rests in between. It alleviates the boredom that most people feel once they step on the treadmill. Incorporating HIIT into your treadmill workouts would surely increase the amount of fat that you burn in a very short time.


Why You Need to Do HIIT

HIIT sessions have plenty of benefits to offer, especially if you have a busy schedule. Your metabolic rate and heart rate increase as you complete the sets. This effect allows your body to burn more calories than doing steady cardio workouts. Studies have shown that HIIT burns up to nine times more fat than the usual cardio exercise. This type of workout also keeps your metabolism up for more than 24 hours after each session, which means you will continue burning fat even after your workout.

In addition, HIIT helps your body to burn fat while maintaining muscle. The overall duration is typically 10 minutes or more per session. You can do this workout after your weight training to torch the unwanted fat and enjoy a six-pack abs in no time.


The Workout

This treadmill workout is just one of the many variations of HIIT that you can incorporate into your routine. You only need 10 minutes to complete this session. Begin with a light jog for about three minutes before doing this workout. After the session, walk for three minutes to cool down. Take note that the 10-minute HIIT does not include the warm-up and cool down portions, so allot about 20 minutes for this routine.

Beginners should complete 20 seconds of work with a 40-second recovery for 10 sets. The more experienced ones should do the intermediate level workout, where they would have to do 30 seconds of work with a 30-second recovery for 10 sets. Advanced-level individuals should complete 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds of recovery in between for 10 sets.

If you find the advanced level workout easy, then you can increase the incline for added variation, or follow the same workout on your stationary bike. Make sure to maintain proper form as you do the sets to prevent injury.


More Important Tips

The ideal work-to-rest ratio for HIIT sessions is to implement a recovery duration that is 50 percent of the working time. This gap should allow you to have ample recovery to perform the next set at maximum effort. If you are still gasping after the allotted recovery time, then you can further lengthen your rest periods.

It is also advisable to do this workout after your resistance training as it will shift your body to fat-burning mode much faster. However, you must remember that this workout should be incorporated into your strength training only during your lean phase, and not when you are beginning to bulk up.  It is also not ideal to do HIIT after a hard leg workout.


High intensity interval training requires you to work at your maximum effort for a short amount of time. Aside from the treadmill, you can also do this workout on a stationary bike, a rower, a cross trainer, or the stairs. Do not do this workout if you have been sedentary and have only started exercising as you will increase your risk of getting injured. If you really want to try it out, it will be best to approach a fitness trainer to guide you. You can also grab your friends and do this workout as a group, so it will be more enjoyable.

Best Fat Burning Treadmill Workouts

Running is one of the best and less costly workouts

Running is one of the best and less costly workouts. You only need a good pair of running shoes and workout clothes, and off you go. If you have been living a sedentary life, getting started with running can be overwhelming. It is ideal for beginners to get started on the treadmill before heading out on the pavements, and it could take some time before you get used to it. The best way to begin is to do a slow walk before and after using the treadmill in order to prevent dizziness. Here are a few more tips to note:


Don’t be Afraid to Ask

If this is your first time to use the treadmill, don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is always best to ask questions, so you can avoid the common errors experienced by most beginners. Ask a gym trainer or your treadmill’s technician to show you the various workout programs, and safety features.


Start Slow Before Increasing Speed

Select a slow pace (around 2 to 2.5) to ensure that you feel secured. Once you get the hang of it, you may begin to gradually increase the speed and stop at a pace that you can tolerate. You can choose to play around with the incline levels, and speed to enjoy a good cardio workout. Always remember to warm up and cool down for a few minutes before and after your exercise to help prevent your body from having injuries.


Pay Attention

You need to pay attention to where you feet are positioned on the treadmill. Keep your body centered and maintain a forward motion towards the treadmill, so you will not fall off. While some people enjoy using the treadmill while watching TV or reading a magazine, beginners should avoid doing this to prevent any accidents. If you need to stop, do not attempt to jump off. Simply press the Stop button and get your balance, before you leave the treadmill. You can use the safety strap to make you feel secured.


Look Straight and Don’t Look Down

Prevent yourself from looking down, unless there is a need to do so. Look straight and keep moving. You can hold onto the handrails as you walk, but you will have to let go once you have increased the speed to a jogging or running pace. You also need to maintain a proper form whether you are walking or running. Keep your shoulders relaxed, do a loosened fist, slightly bend your elbows and allow them to swing freely, and make sure to land on the balls of your feet.

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