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7 DIY Knee Strengthening Exercises

By Stacey / October 3, 2017

Knee strengthening is important to help keep your knee joints healthy and stable. There are several exercises that can help strengthen the area, and relieve discomfort. Many of them can be done without needing to go to a gym. Here are some of the best knee strengthening exercises that you can do at home: How […]


10 Tips For Setting Up An Epic Home Gym

By Stacey / July 6, 2016

Many people feel overwhelmed with their life priorities that made staying fit became impossible to achieve. One way to stay active is to set up your own home gym. Once you have it, you no longer have to sign-up for the costly gym memberships. Building a home gym is surprisingly easy. Epic Home Gym Setup […]


Interval Training On Treadmills

By Stacey / January 23, 2016

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, has become increasing popular as one of the best fat burning workouts. This type of workout uses bursts of speed with short rests in between. It alleviates the boredom that most people feel once they step on the treadmill. Incorporating HIIT into your treadmill workouts would surely increase the […]


3 Killer Rowing Machine Workouts

By Stacey / January 23, 2016

If you are looking for an intense endurance challenge, then you should consider trying a rowing workout. Rowing is one of the best workouts you can do for cardio. You do not need to join a rowing team, or even ride a boat to row across the water to achieve this exercise. A rowing machine […]


11 Lean Leg Exercises You Can Do From Home

By Stacey / January 14, 2016

0 shares Pin0 Share0 If you’re looking to lose weight and tone up your legs, we’ve got 11 fantastic leg workout options that you can do at home, or of course, in the gym.Yes, it is possible to love the way your legs look! Let’s take a look at the 11 best leg exercise options.‚Äč1) Forward […]


25 Best Fitness Blogs To Follow (Updated)

By Stacey / December 23, 2015

Are you into fitness or looking for some motivation to get on the right path to better health? With so many fitness bloggers online today it is tough to know which fitness blogs to follow and which ones are best ignored…. The last thing you want to do is follow along with incorrect advice. That […]